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KwaZulu-Natal has a well-developed infrastructure of roads, railways and telecommunications, plentiful semi-skilled labor, a sophisticated commercial and financial business structure, complemented by a full spectrum of professional services, good access to overseas markets, quality housing, and excellent medical, social and cultural facilities.

Modern industrial parks are found throughout the Province and standard factory buildings are available, while custom-built factories can be constructed according to specification.Many studies confirm that infrastructure development is the foundation for economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries.

As KZN is en route to greater socio- economic growth, there are many unfulfilled needs in the provision of services and infrastructure? The long-term success and participation in the global market by the Province of KwaZulu-Natal will be in its ability to maintain good governance, to continue to provide services and improve its transport and logistics infrastructure.

The following infrastructural development projects will be taking place in the South Coast:

  •  N2 Highway improvement connecting South Coast to the Eastern Cape
  •  Scottburgh Beachfront Development
  • Gunnsdrift Bio-fuels
  •  Ifafa Industrial Park
  •  KwaXolo Caves
  •  Turton Beachfront Development

Bio-fuel 1